Triple Transition Seminar in Sibiu


On the 18th of April, 30 people representing 22 SMEs, along with 3 mentors and 2 staff members, actively participated in a seminar held in Sibiu. The seminar facilitated learning through case studies and idea exchanges focusing on sustainability, digitalization, and resilience in tourism.

More than 14 beneficiaries of the ‘Go Green, Get Digital and Be Resilient’ Sustainable Transformation Programme, analyzed their approaches to management, guest relationships, social impact on the community, economic influence on business partners’ ecosystems, and environmental initiatives. Solutions were discussed to extend visitors’ stays by introducing innovative reasons to explore the area. These solutions involve creatively leveraging natural resources such as protected areas, birdwatching, celestial observation, forests, and agricultural products. The discussion encompassed various forms of tourism, including mindfulness tourism, ecotourism, Astro tourism, active pursuits, cultural experiences, and food tourism. 

The mentors, Cristina Iliescu and Cristian Cismaru, provided valuable insights into understanding and implementing sustainability, digitalization, and adaptability. They drew upon case studies from eight businesses to illustrate practical strategies for success. 

The LookUP management team provided comprehensive updates on the Sustainable Transformation Programme, including its activities and deadlines. Simina Manea introduced the array of learning tools designed to enhance understanding of sustainable tourism. She elaborated on the framework criteria of tourism certification standards and highlighted certification systems applicable to accommodation units, guides, travel agencies, restaurants, as well as activities and attractions. 

During the debate session on future activities, challenges, and opportunities, participants shared insights on optimal communication channels for responsible businesses, heritage interpretation techniques, and methods to promote innovative tourism experiences. Discussions also revolved around the prospects of developing astro tourism in southern Transylvania, touching upon topics such as skills training, equipment, and public policies aimed at preserving the dark sky.