Go Green, Get Digital and Be Resilient

Open Call

The LookUP project launches an acceleration programme to support your enterprise in developing its sustainability strategy and innovation capacity. By participating, you can opt to receive financial support up to a maximum of € 8,800.

The 1st open call is currently closed. Please visit our 2nd call.  

More than 100 SMEs
Up to € 660,000 total funding available
Up to € 8,800 per SMEs

Are you an SME?

According to this European Commission Recommendation, self-employed professionals, family firms, partnerships and associations or any other entity that is regularly engaged in an economic activity may be considered as enterprise. The status of your enterprise as SME furthermore depends on the following two factors:

  • Your staff headcount (below 250); and
  • Your annual turnover (below or equal to EUR 50M ) OR annual balance sheet total (below or equal to EUR 43M ).

Note: If you are unsure about your enterprise’s status you may consult the SME user guide

Are you established in Finland, Spain or Romania?

Tourism experiences connected to the sky such as astronomy, northern lights, night-less nights, birdwatching, etc. are at the core of the LookUP project. These tourism activities hold great development potential in the targeted areas of the project, which are Kuusamo in Finland, Sibiu in Romania, and Extremadura in Spain.

Are you operating in the hospitality and tourism sectors?

Preferably working in some of the following activities:

  • Hotels and similar accommodation
  • Holiday and other short-stay accommodation
  • Restaurants and mobile food service activities
  • Camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks
  • Travel agency, tour operator reservation service and related activities


Supporting the sustainability of tourism enterprises.

The Programme will select a minimum of 100 enterprises to receive financial support to foster their ‘Go Green’ transition.


Fostering innovation capacities of tourism enterprises.

The Programe will offer further financial support to a selection of at least 60 enterprises, which will have the opportunity to follow the ‘Go Green, Get Digital and Be Resilient’ journey.

The call is composed by


Lump sum of € 4,500 per enterprise for mentoring and consultancy services, and/or the cost of a certified training

Duration of 12 months

Labels and certifications, enviromental assessments, training for workforce, etc.



Lump sum up to € 1,500 per enterprise for traveling costs to Kuusamo (Finland) to participate in a co-innovation event and study visit

December 2023

Preliminary innovative business idea

Business Plan

Lump sum up to € 2,500 per enterprise to get mentorship and consultancy, as well as for traveling costs to Extremadura (Spain) to participate in a business plan development workshop and study visit

Spring 2024
Duration of 3 months

Business Plan


Lump sum up to € 1,000 per enterprise for traveling costs to Sibiu (Romania) to participate in a business showcase and study visit

Autumn 2024

Open Call Benefits

Tailored training and mentoring

Tailor-made training and mentoring to participants on green, digital, and business skills offered through the Triple Transition for Tourism Training programme developed by LookUP.

Comprehensive set of practical toolkits designed for you under the ‘Go Green, Get Digital and Be Resilient’ Toolbox.

Good practices’ inspiration

Resources such as the ‘Go Green, Get Digital and Be Resilient’ Playbook developed by LookUP.

On-site study visits to explore ‘the sky as destination’ good practices organised in Kuusamo (Finland), Extremadura (Spain) and Sibiu (Romania).

Monitoring Framework

A digital tool designed to help you track your sustainability progress. The monitoring framework will assist you in reporting data on selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and then compare values between different reporting sessions.

Financial support

Financial support up to a maximum of € 8,800 if you go through all the stages.

Networking and community

Events focused on innovation, as well as an online community that includes tourism professionals from around Europe.

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