Triple Transition Seminar in Kuusamo

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On the 25th of April, the Triple Transition Seminar ‘The Future of Sustainable Travel’ was held in Ruka, Kuusamo, with 24 participants in attendance. The seminar’s primary goal was to explore the future of tourism, focusing on regenerative tourism and the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the tourism industry. This event aimed to foster innovative thinking and practical applications among small and medium-sized enterprises.

The morning session commenced with Outi Ugas from Sitowise presenting the principles of regenerative tourism. Her presentation was designed to inspire and support the sustainable development processes of participating companies. Attendees were encouraged to identify the strengths, opportunities, and development targets of their own businesses and the entire tourist destination from an innovative tourism perspective.

Following this, the Carbon Footprint Clinic (Hiilikuri) addressed the climate impacts of tourism. The basics of calculating a tourism company’s carbon footprint and utilizing the Hiilikuri calculator were reviewed. SMEs had the opportunity to engage in personalized carbon footprint calculations with expert assistance.

In the afternoon, Olli Laitinen from the Artificial Intelligence for Business – AI Lit Koillismaa project presented the potential applications of AI in the tourism sector, tailored to the needs of tourism companies. The “hands-on” component allowed SMEs to apply the morning’s material with the help of AI tools such as Chat GPT and Microsoft Copilot. Participants explored and tested how AI could be integrated into their business operations, making this a practical and insightful experience.

The collaboration of our partner Naturpolis Oy demonstrates the commitment to supporting SMEs on their journey towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.