2nd Call for proposal – Window 1


We are thrilled to welcome you to the second round of our Open Call – a gateway to a world of opportunities for tourism SMEs in Spain, Finland, and Romania. As we embark on this journey, let’s explore the transformative initiatives awaiting those eager to embrace sustainability and resilience.

In a world where the importance of sustainable business practices is more evident than ever, our Open Call stands as a beacon for businesses seeking to make a positive impact. By participating, you’re not just applying for a programme financed by the European Commission under the Single Market Programme – you’re joining a movement to reshape the tourism industry for the better.

Sustainable Transformation Programme: Our 2nd Call for proposal is intricately linked to our Sustainable Transformation Programme, detailed in our latest article: Go Green, Get Digital, and Be Resilient – Sustainable Transformation Programme. Dive into the comprehensive guide, where we unfold the pillars of sustainability, the digital shift, and building resilience for lasting success.

Leverage Funding for Your Initiatives: Tourism SMEs have the chance to access a lump sum of €4,500 per enterprise. This funding is designed to support mentoring, consultancy services, and certified training. Whether you aim to acquire green labels, certifications, conduct environmental assessments, or invest in workforce training – the resources are at your fingertips.

Window 1 Registration: Act fast! The registration for Window 1 is open and it will close on January 17th at 17.00 CET. Visit our 2nd Call for proposal page to secure your spot before the deadline.