Mirva Grann

Resilience coach and organisational developer with excellent experience in business development and achieving strategic goals.

My expertise is a unique combination of communication, resilience development, Lean Six Sigma and NLP. I use service design, communication and Lean methodologies to improve the performance and competitiveness of organisations. Resilience is at the heart of designing and implementing change. NLP reinforces desired mindsets and communication skills and ensures a positive growth cycle. Coaching and executive coaching support individuals and organisations to achieve their goals.

For the last one and a half years I have been working as a project manager for Naturpolis in the Agile Change Coaching Programme, developing resilience and business performance in ten tourism companies. (I am a keen traveller and occasionally I find myself helping a resort entrepreneur with business development.)

I am a bold inspirer and future researcher. In my work I encourage and help entrepreneurs to build sustainability, strong scenarios, innovate new services and business models, develop customer-oriented operations and communication.

I am enthusiastic about challenges and strive for efficiency and high quality. Excellent pressure tolerance and good interpersonal skills are inherent qualities. My values are planning, responsibility and reliability.