Anne Kalliomäki

Entrepreneur, story designer, and speaker Anne Kalliomäki is the founder of Tarinakone Ltd., Storysheep. The company has been pioneering in storification – a story-driven design process – in Finland for over 15 years. In tourism story is the heart of the business. The engaging core story helps us design story experiences for our customers. This is the way to stand out and engage both in marketing and in overall customer service. 

Anne has done more than a hundred engaging core stories for companies and organizations, hundreds of lectures, and story workshops, and wrote a Finnish written award-winning book on the method of storification, how to transform your customer experience into an engaging story experience. In recent years she has been also doing story-based place branding projects. Anne is an authorized coach at the Visit Finland Academy. She is known for her creative, innovative, heart-centric, and business-minded approach.