Supporting Tourism SMEs Triple Transition by Uncovering the Value of Sky as Destination

01.01.23 - 31.01.25

Open Call

Go Green, Get Digital and Be Resilient

Join an acceleration programme to support your enterprise in developing its sustainability strategy and innovation capacity with a financial support up to a maximum of 8.800 EUR.

What is the LookUp project about?


LookUP project is an invitation to re-discover the value of the sky as a destination, making this universal natural resource a critical asset for the sustainable, digital, and resilient transformation of the tourism sectors (triple transition).

Uncovering and re-discovering the vault allows boosting interconnected ecosystems, operating with natural, cultural, and scientific heritage, embracing the values of ecology, biodiversity protection, reduction of light pollution and responsible energy consumption, strictly linked to astrotourism, birdwatching and northern light observation.

LookUp main objectives

The main objective of LookUP project is to equip SMEs, operating in these ecosystems in Extremadura (Spain), Kuusamo area (Finland) and Transylvania (Romania), with improved skills and capacity, innovation uptake and data management, and sharing to harness digitalisation for sustainability and resilience.

In particular, the project aims to:

Develop a comprehensive map of relevant innovations and digital technologies to support the triple transitions and spread the knowledge and build skills and capacity for tourism SMEs.

Accompany and support tourism SMEs in the triple transition to sustainability, digitalisation and resilience through a financial support open call.

Create spaces where to share best practices and experience: actively engage SMEs in joining innovation processes to boost cross-border collaboration.

Expand the network: Connect tourism SMEs with EEN, EDIH, European certification schemes and tools whilst financially assisting their transformation process through a transnational and cross-ecosystem support-intensive service scheme (the Sustainable Business Transformation Programme).

Design and support the adoption among tourism SMEs of a sustainability monitoring framework: measuring and monitoring achievements.

Support the integrity and meaningful sustainable development of rural areas using the sky as attraction: sustainable for both residents, businesses and the many other related stakeholders, delivering transferable tools and strategies.

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